Exceed Builders has collaborated with a locally owned/operated and award winning design firm. We offer building design services specializing in custom residential and commercial design with an emphasis on additions, conversions and full restorations.

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The First Phase

The first phase of the design process is the development of the preliminary plans / schematic designs. This is where the designer transforms concepts into the actual conceptual space arrangement of a finished home. The schematic design is an interactive process in which our proposed approach is combined with your needs & desires in the building. Ultimately a consensus is reached on the preliminary schematic design. This is an important step of our design process at Exceed Builders. We tend to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. It requires a lot of note-taking on our end. It’s our chance to really get an understanding of the needs of our clients.

The Second Phase

The second phase will expand upon the approved schematic design to develop it into a more detailed drawing. For example: A floor plan will show the exact size, shape and location of each room. It is important to give individual attention to each aspect, each space and each detail of the project during this phase. When design development is complete, you will be presented with a set of drawings that represent approximately 35% of the information required to actually construct the building. This allows us another opportunity to meet with our client to review the plans and ensure that we are moving forward in a positive direction.

The Third Phase

Upon approval of design development in the third phase, we prepare detailed working drawings and specifications which the contractor will use to establish actual construction costs and build the project. This is the final part of the design. All elements of the building are detailed, the relative size and location of all spaces are clearly defined. Exterior details of the building and the site are also finalized. The design process is complete at the end of this phase and you will receive a set of permit-ready, full construction documents.

The Fourth Phase

Lastly, in the fourth phase, unless you have taken courses in engineering or drafting, you may find it difficult to visualize your home by looking only at the elevations provided in your construction documents. Many clients request a 3D Rendering of their new home so they can get a better visual as to what the "finished product" will look like.


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